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     Guangzhou is also abundant stage lighting equipment factory is a professional stage lighting products research, development, production, sales and service as one of the well-known enterprises. We have always committed to product quality, efficient, innovative and series, and grasp the advanced lighting technology, the transformation and development of the full range, melting quality materials production technology for the integration of lighting products. Has a good brand nearly 100 species, including moving head lights, computer scanning lights, color lights, consoles, track lights, stage lights, lamp dimmer, effects, laser lights, LED lights products and peripherals, etc. . We have a highly qualified technical strength, perfect management system, from design, production, production, testing, delivery and after sales service, we strive for perfection and quality service consistently in the end. We at reasonable prices, excellent product performance and quality of service, resulting in an excellent reputation and influence in many of the customers, has won the favor of more and more wise persons. We are committed to use of our plant lighting products, projects, regardless of project size, either harsh or lenient customer's request, we are always in a high standard of professionalism and responsibility, consistent, quality way to track in the end, fully to protect the fundamental interests of customers. Excellent technical support and good service attitude, to ensure that we can make the most timely and appropriate response when the customer needs, truly one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance commitment. Looking into the future, into the new 21st century, we will continue to uphold the "sincere hospitality, quality and cheap, puerile" business purpose, to serve the national and global clients and friends. ......MORE

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